Our Servers on Supermicro Platforms

SuperMicro ServerSupermicro, founded in 1993 is the recognized worldwide leader in design, manufacture and supply of server solutions. Supermicro is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, in the famous Silicon Valley – the heart of the global IT industry, and covers an area of 45,000 sq. ft.

The company implements advanced technology and experience in designing the systems to reduce server power consumption, blade systems, workstations and data storage systems. Over many years of experience, the company has become a leader in the field of energy-saving technologies.

Supermicro provides a wide range of servers for a variety of tasks, ranging from inexpensive entry-level solutions to powerful servers to solve various complex resource-intensive issues. Supermicro server platforms belong to the middle price segment with excellent quality of server solutions. Servers often find application in corporate environments due to high density of multifunctional solutions.

Advantages of server platforms from Supermicro:

  •      Uncompromising quality control
  •      Widest range of Rackmount/Tower servers
  •      All components are manufactured with excessive reliability (server downtime is reduced)
  •      Best price/performance ratio
  •      Improved design (all servers are made uniformly)
  •      Improved performance
  •      Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  •      High-quality materials